Below are the answers to the most frequently asked questions:

  • How do we differ from a traditional recruitment agency? What are the advantages of working with us?
    • As a boutique company, we specialise in specific technological areas and, consequently, specific labour markets. We serve a limited number of customers, so we can provide them with full attention. We also know from our customers that the high level of our "customer service" is not easy to come by on the market.

  • Why is the RPO model more effective?
    • In the RPO model we become part of your internal team. Knowing the structure and relationships within the team allows us to understand who and what for you need to recruit.

      In the RPO model, we designate a specific person and resources and we extend the service with the onboarding of a new employee. Research shows that well-conducted onboarding is the key element for effective, long-term cooperation with a new person, which significantly reduces attrition in the company.

      The RPO model with at least a few recruitments per year becomes more cost-effective than other recruitment models and the service gives you a much wider range of support than in traditional recruitment.

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  • Do I have a guarantee that I will receive candidates for the commissioned recruitment?
    • As soon as 3-5 working days from the beginning of the recruitment process we inform about the first effects of the conducted activities and how we assess the time needed to obtain a suitable candidate and whether we see potential threats to the success of the process. If we have collected the advance payment and have not presented candidates for the commissioned position, we return the advance payment within 7 days from the issuance of the correction invoice.

  • What is the valuation of the recruitment service?
    • We value the project in the RPO model:

      1) Fixed fee covering the costs of sourcing, tools, recruitment media depending on the planned workload and resources (usually in the range of PLN 8-11,000 + VAT).

      2) A success fee of 8% of the annual gross salary for each person recruited.

      Recruitment in the permanent placement model is valued as a percentage of the candidate's annual gross salary. Our fee is then between 17 and 25%.

      We prefer 4-week exclusivity for a given recruitment process or advance payment - we are then able to provide a more attractive valuation.

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  • What is the price of consulting services (training, audits)?
    • The price of a single licence for the online course "IT Recruitment made easy" is 287 USD (including one year's access to the platform, access to regular live training in the form of a webinar for a closed group, additional materials, exam and certificate). If you compare our rates with the competition, the price of "IT Recruitment made easy" is extremely attractive.

      We also provide dedicated, "tailor-made" training in the area of recruitment for your recruitment team - we value it for a training day.

      Audits and consulting services are priced on an hourly basis. After a thorough discussion with the client, we are open to cap fee settlements - we estimate the number of hours for dedicated service and we estimate the maximum price which we do not exceed.

  • What does the cooperation with us look like with the permanent placement service?
    • Before starting the recruitment process, we conduct a detailed survey about the station and arrange an interview with the direct Hiring Manager, responsible for hiring the person.

      We always adapt to the client's working style and organisation. We agree with the client on the frequency and method of reporting, propose communication tools, and are open to the client's suggestions in this respect.

      Our most important message: Success in recruitment is the coordination of the client's processes with our processes.

  • Is recruitment conducted by a dedicated recruiter?
    • In the RPO model, we always provide a dedicated recruiter.

  • What is the minimum number of recruitments for the RPO model to be profitable?
    • In the question concerning the valuation of recruitment services, we show the RPO project calculator. In our opinion, with 10 recruitments planned, the RPO model is much more cost-effective.

  • Do you only work in an exclusive or
    • As a rule, we require a 4-week exclusivity or a "retainer" advance for individual recruitments. In certain specific, special situations we can undertake successful recruitment if we have at a given moment in the interview candidates who meet the job criteria and can also present them in your recruitment process.

  • Do you provide a specialist outsourcing service?
    • We focus on the RPO model and, secondarily, permanent placement. However, in individual cases, we can hire a contractor for your team. We work on a transparent margin with both candidates and clients - 80% is a specialist's salary, 20% is our margin.

  • Why is it better to recruit with an external partner?
    • In our case, recruitment is carried out comprehensively, using various methods and tools to identify and reach the right candidates, which ensures that an appropriate pool of specialists is built. At the same time, we ensure a very high level of "candidate experience", i.e. the positive experience of the candidate in contact with the employer's brand.

      Both in the case of the RPO service as well as the permanent placement service, we take over the entire process-related administration and sourcing, which allows you to focus on substantive and strategic tasks.

      Thanks to our long-term presence on the market, we have access to a pool of candidates absent from publicly available sources.

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