Advantages of the RPO model

You get a dedicated recruiter who works directly with the hiring manager. You get 100% of the recruiter's attention.

In consultation with you, we define the duration of the recruitment project in advance and adjust our activities and resources to the time assumptions.

Before starting the project, we interview with your team. We talk to employees and managers. Together with the hiring manager, we define the profile of the sought employee and the recruitment strategy.

We negotiate the details of the offer with the selected candidate.

We are responsible for the onboarding of a new employee.

We constantly report the progress of the process in the agreed form and using the agreed tools.

The RPO is settled in a fixed fee model corresponding to the cost of independent employment of an experienced recruiter (PLN 8 - 11,000 per month) and a success fee of 6-8% of the annual gross remuneration.

Check our calculator: when recruiting about 10 people, the RPO is over 30% cheaper. It is also 60% cheaper than outsourcing of IT specialists.

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